How Point2AdsWorks

How it Works?

Here at Point2Ads need to grab as many points as they can by claimming faucet, visiting PTC ads and referring other users. At the end of 7 days admin calculate the profit generated from advertising networks and on site sales to share it with its user.

Lets say we generate a profit of 1000$ and members grabbed 1000000 points that mean 1000/1000000 = 0.001$ / point. So all points will be exchanged at the rate 0.001$ each to your account balance.

This process repeats after every 7 days

Why Point2Ads doing this like that?

In most of cases faucet flops when didn't generate enough profits and on the other hand user won't receive what they deserved. So in order to overcome this issue, we came with this plan that plan work for both administration and members equally and profitably.

How Point2Ads earn its Revenue?

Not like typical faucet where admin generate profits from advertising network only. Point2Ads generate its revenue from several streams like advertising network, pop ad networks, Direct advertisement sales, Membership sales and much more.

How it works (Simple)?

1) Register an account with valid email.

2) Verify your account and login.

3) Claim faucet, visit ptc ads and refer users.

4) All above things give you points to your account.

5) At the end of 7 days all points you earned during last 7 days will be exchange with dollar.

6) Once you have Dollar in your account balance, You can send a request to cashout your earning to your desired wallet.

7) Minimum amount to withdraw is just 1$.

8) We accept Faucetpay (Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum and Litecoin), Perfect Money and Payeer to process withdrawal requests.